Our Services

Our Services

Our goal at P2M is to provide services that allow you to reach your Cycling goals.  Whether you are training for your first charity ride, trying to beat your personal best time in the next sprint triathlon, or win your age group in the next triathlon or cycling race, we’re here to provide you structure, knowledge, and focused training to reach those goals.


- Structured workouts designed to increase your fitness, burn calories and have fun

Pedal Stoke Analysis

- The computrainer system provides technical analysis of your pedal stroke.  We can determine the efficiency of each leg and the power split between legs.  From this data we recommend specific drills and techniques to help improve your pedals stroke allowing you to ride longer with less fatigue as you incorporate all of your leg muscles to power the bicycle.

Custom Programs

- You have a plan but the classes don’t fit your specific needs.  We’ll design a series of custom workouts to address your cycling limiters.

Performance Testing

- Baseline your fitness with testing and periodically test again to see whether your training is improving your fitness.

Bike Fitting

- An improper fit can sap your desire to ride the bike.  In 90 minutes we can position you on the bike for the best performance and most comfortable fit so you enjoy riding keep your bike from collecting dust.