Our Technology

Our Technology

What is A Computrainer?

Computrainer’s are the most advanced stationary trainer’s on the cycling market today!  The trainers are connected to a computer and your training information is displayed on a widescreen LCD display in front of you.

Unlike spin classes that rely on you to set the effort level and “dial” in your workout, computrainers show you exactly how much work you are doing and change the resistance for you automatically based your fitness.  The computrainer works you exactly how hard you tell it to.

Computrainer’s workouts are based on Power, how much work you are actually doing.  They do not rely on Heart Rate to set the effort, so for each time you change the effort level in a workout it automatically gets the resistance correct, you don’t have to wait for your Heart Rate to catch up to your effort level and see if you have turned the knob the correct amount.

Why do I care, what’s the benefit?

Do you ride a spin bike outside?  Do you have to change the fit of your bike each time you get on it to make sure your knees or feet don’t hurt?  You ride your bike all the time in our classes.  That means you practice the same way you ride outside, that makes you better.  Are there times on spin bikes that you can’t seem to get the resistance just right, it’s too easy at first, too hard later on?  The computrainers do that for you, you pedal or shift gears just like you were riding outside.

Why will I get a better workout?

Power based training is quickly surpassing Heart Rate as the standard for cycling training.  Historically it has been too expensive for the recreational riders to take advantage of the improved training style.  Heart Rate training is still important and very useful.  However, for shorter workouts, or workouts of higher intensity, power based training allows you to be very focused.  Outside variables such as traffic lights, stop signs, cars, and weather are all removed when training on the computrainers.

Make the most out of every minute you spend on the bike because there is no coasting, no traffic, and a perfectly dialed in ride each and every time.