Ironman Boulder 70.3 – Part 2 – Nutrition

Generally speaking a big obstacle for Endurance events is figuring out how, when and what to eat.  As we continue to exert ourselves it becomes harder for our bodies to manage digestion.  The harder we exert ourselves the more difficult it is for our bodies to focus on multiple tasks.  While our bodies are generally.. read more →

Ironman 70.3 Boulder – post race analysis – reality bites!

Well – after completing several spri.nt triathlons this year I decided to tackle a half ironman.  I received many questions as to why.  The simple answer was, I needed a big goal to stay focused the early part of the year so I would be ready to train for Cyclocross season the second half of.. read more →

Cyclocross Training Series – 6 weeks starting Nov 3

P2M Cycling is excited to announce a partnership with Sustainable Endurance Coaching and Al Senft to help you reach your Cyclocross goals.  The series will start the week of November 3rd with FTP testing the week before.  The series is designed as an set of crushing workouts combined with discussions about pacing, equipment, courses, warmup.. read more →

Consistency in Training is the Key to Cycling Success

Want to Ride Better, Faster, Longer? Find the Answer through Consistency When it comes to making us better cyclists there’s nothing more beneficial than consistency in our training. Research shows that consistent shorter rides do more to improve our fitness than occasionally busting our behinds on the bike. The body responds best when we stimulate.. read more →

About Cornering

People love cycling. Whether you are highly competitive or cycle for leisure purposes, there is a method to the act. Learning the proper way to do things is a benefit in many ways. It supports safety, durability, and performance. The following article addresses the act of “cornering.” There are several factors contributing to the cycling maneuver... read more →

A Guide to Group Cycling in Albuquerque

The more the merrier. While some sports are more solitary in nature, it is common to see cyclists riding in a pack on Albuquerque Streets or in the Cedar Crest Area For safety, companionship, and encouragement purposes, cyclists enjoy the company of their peers. Cycling with others sounds simple, but there are some rules to follow.. read more →