Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

What is Bike Fitting

At P2M we’re passionate about making cycling enjoyable and comfortable.  Improper positioning on the bike can result in a disappointing ride and reduce your desire to enjoy our sport.  Proper fitting ensures maximum comfort and a great ride with superior power/wattage.  An Improper fit means riding with sore/numb hands, hot feet, painful knees, tight shoulders or a sore derriere, in addition to an inefficient performance, and ultimately a bike that ends up gathering dust.

Bike Fitting is a science and an art.  There is detailed science behind positioning the body correctly on the bike.  But the defined science leaves room for the Bike Fitter to make sure the recreational rider is as comfortable on their bike as an elite racer.  This does not mean the two groups of riders are in the same position on the bike.  Flexibility, body dimensions and proportions, and riding style are all considered when positioning a rider on the bicycle.

At P2M we take all of these factors into consideration as our BikeFit Pro fitter analyzes your position.  We only provide one type of bike fit, the right one.  We watch you on the bike as you pedal connected to our computrainer system.  Addressing only part of your bike fit by changing saddle position leaves out one of the most important parts of a bike fit.  The interaction between your feet and the pedals.  Improper knee/ankle alignment causes many problems.  We address the 3 interaction points between the rider and the bike: the pedals, the saddle and the handlebars.  Each of these can cause problems and all must be addressed to ensure a proper fit and comfortable ride.

The Process

In about 90 minutes we will look at all 3 areas of interaction and systematically make small changes with your feedback.  After the fit, we take measurements of the bike in the unlikely event that something changes by accident after you leave the studio, we can put the bike back in the same position as we finished.  We request a no charge follow-up visit 2-3 weeks after the fit to fine tune the fit and make sure you are still happy with the fit.

Don’t let your bike gather dust because you are uncomfortable, let us help you enjoy cycling as much as we do.  We hope to see you soon and get you on the bike so you can ride as long as you like comfortably.