P2M Power Classes

P2M Power Classes

P2M classes are not your gym spinning classes!!  Yes, they last an hour, yes they make you sweat, yes they are high energy and fun, but our classes are on YOUR bike, and the effort is precisely controlled by computerized trainers that keep you focused and on track for a smart, efficient workout.

Our classes focus on specific skill and fitness elements of cycling training.  These classes work on cadence speed and efficiency, your aerobic, VO2 Max and Anaerobic engines, and get you on the path to surpass your cycling goals.

Not sure what’s right for you?  Contact us and we’ll help you understand what class or program best fits your goals. 

Custom Programs

Our philosophy for improving your cycling is based on data.  We believe that in order to progress efficiently and quickly you must first know where you are starting from.  Based on your goals, event types, and current skill and fitness level we can develop your program.

Our standard programs are a starting point to build your fitness.  After the first couple of weeks, we tailor the programs based on your progress, event types, and available time until your event.

Time slots are allocated throughout the day for custom program clients, there are only 4 clients at a time completing their specific workout.  A coach is always on hand to direct, advise, observe and encourage during the workout.  This ratio allows us to tune the following weeks workout correctly to the your needs.

Types of programs available include but are not limited to:

Perfect Cadence:

Improve your pedaling efficiency and speed to deliver as much power as possible to the pedals.

Tempo Cadence:

Learn to improve your cadence at tempo pace giving your the opportunity to ride longer and fatigue more slowly.

Threshold Buster:

Improve your Functional Threshold to gain more power and speed.

VO2 Maximizer:

These workouts hurt, but proper VO2 Max training boosts your fitness fast.

Anaerobic Burner:

You want to sprint fast and raise your top end speed, you have to be precise in these workouts.  Proper duration and intensity is imperative or you’re wasting your time.

Most programs are 12 consecutive weeks to achieve the best results, skipping weeks does not allow your body to adapt appropriately and build week to week on the progress.