After a devastating shoulder injury while mountain biking in April 2011, I thought that my biking days were over. That is, until I met Andy Drescher at P2M cycling studio. Faced with a third-degree AC shoulder separation, I knew that rehab would be difficult. Within a week of injury, I began his unique computerized training program. My biggest fear was losing my physical strength and confidence. Not only was that restored, but has now exceeded my previous level. In addition, I have a new found love of road cycling to accompany my passion for mountain biking.
- Luis Cuadros, MD, age 56


Fundraise for Team in Training and cycle for 100 miles – no problem. Figure out a way to increase speed and reduce the number of hours on the road –definitely a problem.

My goal this season is to improve my speed and Andy has committed to helping me accomplish that goal. When I see him pushing that little blue button that increases my power threshold I sometimes wonder why I signed up for this but every week I see improvement and feel more confident in my abilities. I train with Andy because he understands that we all have our personal goals and he has an amazing way of helping me push towards those goals. On any given night there could be 8 people in class and each one of us gets personal attention and recognition of our personal goals and accomplishments.

Thanks Andy for making the sessions personal – love the support and camaraderie.

- Catherine Thompkins

Having experimented with various training methods over the past 20 years, I have found Andy’s P2M program to be one of the most effective to attain significant measurable improvements in pedaling efficiency, cadence and power. Whether participating in group or individual sessions, his personalized approach provides very focused and challenging workouts tailored to specific goals.

-Jeff Huser – Rio Grande Racing Team – Mountain, Road and Cyclocross


I’ve been riding fairly seriously for about ten years, completing 3-4 centuries a year. Despite the mileage I’d been putting in, I was not seeing any real improvement. I discovered P2M about a year ago and have been attending their Tuesday night class. Andy’s class has made a huge difference in my performance. I’m putting in quality time rather than just miles.

The classes are challenging, but because of the equipment that’s used (you bring your own bike), they’re suitable for riders of all levels. You can be riding next to someone cranking out 300 watts, while the person on the other side of you is riding at 100 watts, yet everyone basically has the same perceived effort.

Although Andy makes the classes challenging, he also makes them fun and each week I look forward to attending. He definitely makes you work harder than you ever would on your own! I would highly recommend P2M to anyone wanting to become a better cyclist.

Mike Godwin, recreational cyclist


We are very thankful to have found P2M Cycling Studio and Simpatico. Both of us have experienced big improvements in our fitness levels through the classes and the advice we receive. Andy makes the classes challenging and fun and the atmosphere is very positive and encouraging. An hour class seems to literally fly by – quite unlike many of the gym spin classes we have been to. We are always able to take what we work on in the classes and apply it on the road (or dirt) and see the benefits and improvements. It is a bonus that P2M works in conjunction with the other programs going on at the studio’s so that the different components of your training program aren’t bumping heads or should we say wheels!

- Tom and Jan Rael

Since I started training at P2M 6 months ago I have seen a tremendous gain in my confidence as a rider, my skill level with my on road cycling, and my stamina for the big hills in my last Century ride!  Andy, the owner/trainer makes you feel very comfortable with where you are starting from as a new trainee in the studio and totally motivated for where you have your personal riding goals set. He provides a lot of personal attentiveness to you and your development.  He also makes coming to the studio feel really connected with him and the other trainees – we have a great time together.  The way the classes are run makes the diversity of skill levels of the others  feel very comfortable.  Since i have started with P2M I feel very transformed as a cyclist. 

Craig Pierce – Recreational Cyclist, Century Rides